We are delighted to present our wine list, especially selected for the Bean & Vine by local Wine Merchants Weavers of Nottingham.

Each wine on our list has been handpicked in order to offer a broad range of flavours and styles, please ask if you would like further information on any of the wines. Enjoy…


The Bean & Vine Sauvignon Blanc £16.95
Central Valley, Chile
This crisp, dry and fresh wine shows an abundance of gooseberry fruit flavour with hints of citrus fruit too.

Amanti Pinot Grigio £17.95
Northern Italy
The classic Italian grape variety that creates a wine with refreshing fruit aromas and a delicate lingering finish.

Topuku Sauvignon Blanc £19.95
Marlborough New Zealand
Intensely aromatic, this wine is bursting with gooseberry flavours and hints of passion fruit and lime zest.

Bagordi Blanco £18.95
Rioja, Spain
Tropical aromas with hints of citrus and some pineapple notes carry through to a clean palate with a creamy finish


The Bean & Vine Merlot £16.95
Central Valley, Chile
A stunning plum filled Merlot with a soft mellow character and a hint of red berries and cherry fruit.

Rio Rica Malbec £18.95
Central Valley, Chile
Rich and strong aromas, including scents of ripe fruits, plums, black cherry, black currant, chocolates and violets. Well balanced with a long finish.

Monte Araya Tinto £19.95
Rioja, Spain
Deliciously soft, round, and fruity with light touches of vanilla and other spices. Excellent and very smooth.


The Bean & Vine Rosé £16.95
Southern France
A fashionable light, dry rosé with delicious hints of summer fruits.

Foxcover White Zinfandel £17.95
California, America
A delicious and popular medium-style wine with sumptuous hints of fresh strawberries and candied summer fruits.


Prosecco Vetriano £19.95
Northern Italy
A lively, sparkling wine that is all about white summer fruit and ripe apples,  supported by a zesty, long and refreshing finish.

Baron de Beaupré Brut £34.95
Champagne, France
A refreshing and appealing champagne with a soft character. Lifted fruit aromas reminiscent of apple are followed by a toasty finish and a rich mouth-feel.


WHITE WINES 125ml 175ml 250ml

Bean & Vine Sauvignon Blanc £3.25 £4.75 £5.95
Amanti Pinot Grigio £3.50 £4.95 £6.50
Bagordi Blanco £3.75 £5.50 £6.95


The Bean & Vine Rosé £3.25 £4.75 £5.95
Foxcover White Zinfandel £3.50 £4.95 £6.50


Bean & Vine Merlot £3.25 £4.75 £5.95
Rio Rica Malbec £3.50 £5.25 £6.75


White or Rosé £4.50 £5.95 £7.25


Lunetta Prosecco Served fresh from a 200ml bottle £5.95
Lunette Sparkling Rosé Served fresh from a 200ml bottle £5.95
Seasonal Sparkler £7.95
Prosecco with a twist! Fresh, fizzy and flavoured with a splash of liqueur. Please ask for more details.

If you have any concern regarding allergens, please ask.


Springhead Maid Marian £3.95
A pale golden bear with a fruity orange aroma and dry peppery finish 4.5%

Springhead Robin Hood £3.95
A chestnut brown traditional bitter with a good head and plenty of hops 4.0%

Pheasantry Pale Ale £3.95
A pale coloured smooth tasting beer.
The blend of hops added during the process gives the ale floral and citrusy notes 4.0%

Pheasantry Best Bitter £3.5
A smooth tasting copper coloured beer with a medium bitterness to low sweetness. It has a light spicy aroma. 3.8%

Crop Circle £3.95
A very clean, flaxen-coloured beer with a wonderful thirst quenching properties. The subtle blend of aroma and bittering hops give a crispness on the tongue which is delicately fruity, giving way to some dryness. 4.2%

Lincoln Gold £3.95 

A pale bitter with a zesty fruity flavour  4%

Bomber County  £3.95 

A full bodied, dark ruby beer with a malty aroma.

Hang Town £3.75

A golden Pale Ale which has a powerful, refreshing slightly spicy and earthy finish. 4.0%

Crimson Valley £3.75

An American style IPA made from British ingredients. A combination of crystal, amber and cara malt gice this beer its reddish colour  5.5%

Krombacher Pilsner £3.95
Their flagship beer has a wonderful balance of hops and malt with a distinct crispness on the finish. 4.8%

Stella Artois £1.95
A pilsner lager 284ml

Dunkertons Premium Organic Cider £3.95
Made from organic apples grown in Herefordshire 6.8%

Dunkertons Dry Organic Cider £3.95
Made from organic apples grown in Herefordshie 7.0%